Stone Deaf

by Stone Deaf

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TV Nothing to add to the "for fans of..." list! If you like what you see there, you'll like this! A great album! Favorite track: King-Size Knuckles.
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JAKZ definitely my new favourite album
dave ross
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dave ross Turned up this gem when trawling thru Charles Dickerson's mega collection of stoner/fuzz/doom/blues/rock goodleness and have to say while i can hear the QotSA in the guitar sound and some vocals that does'nt detract from what is a very good album in its own right well done Stone Deaf
cheers Charles Favorite track: Bearded Lady.
Paul Inglesfield
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Paul Inglesfield Love this the more I listen to it. Slight early QOTSA feel to it in parts, but its not the usual desert rip off kinda stuff, Stone Deaf are a very good band in their own right, and this is a quality album. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Favorite track: Bearded Lady.
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released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Stone Deaf Colorado

For fans of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age, Nebula

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Track Name: Muchacho
You stole all my skin with a gun to your head
Hair in the barrel the dopesick friend
Teeth are so loose I'm close to nothing
I remember it now, I'm forgetting something

All of my friends are going nowhere
They're dragging me down, but I couldn't care

Your teeth in my neck and I wish you the best
Choking on pills well who would've guessed
Teeth are so loose and my eyes sewn shut
Delicate blues I can't get enough
Track Name: Shadows of Machines
Grit my teeth and tell another lie
Blood among the theives
A crippled creep inside

Rusty piece, I bury it inside
Mud around my feet, the chill won't subside
Hearts filled with gloom, she wants to die
A universe so full, burns me outside

Speaking of your death bed
Lick it off, you're dead

Hidden hands a shelter in the light
Ship departs another distant flights
Upper crust we smell it when they're right
Disperse the cure, devil's deed, endless fight
Grit my teeth and tell another lie
Blood among the thieves, a crippled creep inside
Track Name: Girl or Gorilla
I've seen the sun, the flies, the hell, a grin implied
Crooked waste become the punch hit me again inside
You're the taste, the hate, the smell, a time inscribed
you make me late, become my punch, filled with foolish pride

You've become my punch
We cut the wrist

Become the sun, a fly, a hell, a goofy grin
Rumor the waste become the punch, the sin within
Become the taste, the fate, the smell where it begins
Always late, guilt in spades, alone again
Track Name: The Luminous Fairies and Mothra
Lyrics by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Filtered and skewed by Dustin
Track Name: Distant Zenith
Desert hands you dry your mind, I've been here before
Smooth and splintered, I know when I return you're gone
Fragile ashes we decline the Skeletons of Evermore
See my head, I hold it down, I've never been so cold
Angel dust, The Seven Tongues, she held me by the hand
Wishful minds we hold the cut, we cut the desert from the land

Until tomorrow
Sound inside The Seven Tongues
Until Tomorrow
Light within a broken sun
Until tomorrow
Never stitch them up the same
Until tomorrow
Swore we'd never speak the name
Track Name: Bearded Lady
Tomb of divine, eye of the witch
Planet of sound, left dead in a ditch
These idle hands they clutch at my neck
, I lost all respect

Crooked and vague, so sick in the head
Psalms in the air, the march for the dead
A drunken promise and she could care less
Victims bodies, oh what a mess

Bottles of pills, the daughter so dear
Painful chills, so far so near
These idle hands they clutch at the crown
Death from above destroy the sound
Track Name: King-Size Knuckles
Poly mountains we fear, little miss dear
Androgynous queer, vengeance is near
The trash will transmit coordinates clear
Float on my upon a shallow bay, California castaway
Hateful any time you go, My disdain sent him away
My teeth are misplaced somewhere near here
Lift me up till the ground goes away
You take it away

It's clean so he joins the lovers in his heavy machine
Dirt and the grime, the way is now lost beneath all the shine
Stars in the hearse, herds of their swine
Their eyeballs eat death, Nebula regrets
Drifting on clouds eating their breath
And their teeth are misplaced somewhere near here
Lift me up till the ground goes away
Drifting on clouds, colorblind here
The ground goes away, Take it away